OBS Audio Sounds Muffled (SOLVED)

Open broadcasting software (OBS) is relatively one of the best tools for you to record content whether online or offline and they stream the content.

It makes it easier to do video tutorials and many others. While many people do not have issues with the video quality, some people have noted that they experienced issues with the audio.

In some cases, you could finish the recording of your video or audio, while trying to play the content for you to double-check the details, you will notice that the audio is muffled.

It could be echo or unclear sounds. Then you begin to wonder what went wrong and how you can fix it. Read on for more information on the causes of OBS muffled sound and the possible fix.  


OBS Audio Sounds Muffled (Causes & Possible Fix)

It is a frustrating experience when you have recorded your content and suddenly discover that the audio is not perfect. You will be confused about whether you should record another content but the fear is whether the issue will not repeat itself. Highlighted below are some of the likely causes of the issue and how they could be resolved.

Window system upgrade

When you record offline, you will likely check the project again before you stream it. At times, it will sound perfect when you play, especially with the .wav file and on OBS itself. In most cases, users easily blame OBS when there is an issue with their content.

Well, the truth is that some of these issues could arise due to other conditions apart from OBS. For instance, during a window upgrade, some of the settings could be altered automatically, including the audio setting.

The implication of this is that the audio of your content could become unclear. The following are some of the ways of fixing the issue.

Uncheck signal enhancement

If you are not familiar with the device, it might be a difficult task for you to restore the system audio settings to the way it was when you do not experience muffled sound.

You can begin the recovery process by clicking on the device Control Panel. You then click on Hardware and the Sound section on the next page.

Afterward, you click on the Sound section. The next page will bring various tasks. Just scroll down to the Manage Audio Devices option.

This will lead you to a new window where you can click on Playback, and then right-click on Speakers/Headphones so that you can check the properties. The default setting of this page will likely be in system audio.  

The next thing you will do is to click Advance on the Speaker/ Headphones window. This will lead to the page where you will uncheck the signal.

The next page once you click on Advance is Signal Enhancement. This setting permits extra processing for all sound signals on the device. All you need to do is to uncheck all the signals.

All sounds muffled on the headphone

Do you have more than one software or app on your device, including OBS? Most people will likely have more than one app and they have been experiencing muffled sound without knowing the primary cause.

At times, you could be listening to quality sound without any issues with your headphones. Once you open OBS, all sounds will become muffled and you will begin to wonder if something is wrong with the OBS.

In this instance, the video quality will remain the same. In some instances, the issue will self-heal whenever you replay what you have recorded and then resurface again once you open OBS. The reality is that the issue will persist even if you uninstall and reinstall OBS. Here are some of the things you can do to fix the issue.

Get a new headphone

The type of headphones you are using with your device could be responsible for the issue. For instance, if you are using Bluetooth headphones, the microphone will be easily accessed by OBS.

This is the reason why the sound will be muffled anytime you open OBS. It is strongly recommended that you attempt to use another headphone to see whether the issue will be resolved.  

Alter the settings of the headphone

If you do not have alternative headphones, you can still fix the issue by altering the settings. This will ensure that OBS does not have access to the microphone.

For instance, Bluetooth headphones will use VoIP mode once you open OBS. The quality also reduces immediately. All you need to do is to go to window Settings, then click on Audio. Click on Mic/Auxiliary Audio on the next page and then disable it. 

Audio not working

While audio quality and ease of use remain the features that attract many people to OBS, there are times when you could be faced with audio issues not working the way they ought to. For instance, there are times when the mic input will be perfect but the system will fail to record the sound.

In most cases, this issue is caused when the drivers are outdated or there is an altercation to the sound settings of your device due to an upgrade. The following are some of the things you can do to fix the issue.

Update the drivers

The first thing you should consider doing when the mic is in good condition but there is an issue with the sound is to upgrade the sound card drivers.

You can do this via the official OBS website. All you need to do is to get the appropriate drivers for your system and follow the on-screen instruction.

Check the sound settings

An updated sound driver will fix the issue but when it persists, the next thing you should consider is to check the sound settings of your device. You can do this from the control panel of your device.

Seek help

If you are unable to fix the issue, you can also seek help from the OBS assistant team or hire any professional in your vicinity.

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How to troubleshoot issues with OBS

OBS remains one of the best helpful sources for recording and streaming content. There are, however, instances when OBS will not work perfectly and there will be the need for you to troubleshoot. Here are some common problems, their causes, and how you can fix them.

Black screen

Though the OBS screen will come up without any hassle once you launch it, there are some instances when you launch the OBS app and there will be a black screen. Several factors could cause the issue but the most common culprit is the graphic card.

Moreover, you could be experiencing the issue when the installed drivers are outdated or when OBS lacks administrator permission. To fix the issue, you should first ensure that OBS is configured. This implies that its source of power should be GPU.

OBS fails to respond

While the application might display a black screen when you launch it, there are instances when the application will fail to respond when you launch it. This implies that the application will stop working and you will not be able to use any of the interfaces. This issue is caused when the downloaded setup file for OBS is different from the one in the building structure.

The first step to resolving the issue is to check the setup file to confirm if it is the same as one of the building structures of your device operating system. Also, you should check if OBS is running in the admin mode of the device.

Failure to detect the webcam

You need a proper understanding of how the video stream works for you to properly use it. There are times when you will have to attach an external camera for it to work perfectly. While this is possible, there are times when OBS will not detect the camera. The main reason for this is the failure of the USB port, especially the one you attached to the external camera. You can troubleshoot by changing the USB port and also ensure that you attach it properly.

Difficulty to download OBS

You should not have any issues downloading OBS from the right source. There are, however, complaints about the difficulty to download OBS from the official website. In some instances, you will get an error message when you attempt to hit the download button. This is likely caused when there is an issue with the system setting or you are downloading the wrong setup or supporting the OBS file.

To troubleshoot this issue, you should first ensure that the OBS file you attempt to download is the installer version of the OBS file. Also, you should check the firewall setting of your device. If possible, you should disable it. This will allow you to download the OBS file without any error message.  


While OBS remains a great tool, audio issues are inevitable just like other software. The good news is that they could be resolved with the solutions highlighted in this article. We hope they are helpful. 

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