Golf Channel Audio Problems (SOLVED)

For many lovers of golf, the golf channel is where they could find anything golf. This ranges from match schedule, live updates, watching your favorite players, and also ensuring that you are always part of the golf action. The truth, however, is that many people will not enjoy the channel the way they should when there is an issue with the channel.

At times, being a part of the action means that you can hear the sound from the channel, especially cheers from the fans or crowd. When there is an issue with the audio, you have to think about how to fix it.

This article will focus on the common audio issues you could experience on the golf channel, the causes, and how to fix them. Keep reading for more information.


Golf Channel Audio Problems (Causes & Possible Fix)

The golf channel is one of the most popular sports TV channels. You can view it from your TV, the web, and the app version. Just like other TV channels, there is a chance that you will experience different issues, including audio-related issues. The following are some of the audio issues and how they could be fixed.

Cut off audio

You sure don’t want to miss out on any part of the action whether visuals or audio. While the channel might be working perfectly and you enjoy what you are watching, there are times when a few words will skip and the issue will self-heal.

For instance, a few words will be missing from what you should hear. In some cases, this will only happen once or twice every fifteen minutes, especially during live coverage. It becomes confusing when this does not happen during commercials.

Several factors could be responsible for the issue, depending on the source you are viewing the channel from. The truth is that golf channel is popular and could attract heavy traffic during popular matches.

This traffic could be responsible for the cut in audio that you experience. Moreover, the issue could also be caused by your cable provider, especially when there is an issue between the golf channel and the provider.

Another factor that could cause the issue is when you are watching from an outdated app or the internet connection is poor. The following are some of the things you can do to fix the issue.

Confirm if the issue is peculiar to the golf channel

Since this is an audio issue, especially when you are experiencing it for the first time, you should first confirm whether the issue only occurs on your audio channel.

You can do this by switching to another channel and seeing whether the issue will occur again. This will give you an insight into the next line of action.

Seek help

If the issue only occurs on the golf channel, you should contact the customer support team of your cable provider. While this might take a while before the team responds, depending on your cable provider, you can also troubleshoot by rebooting your TV. Moreover, if you notice the issue is peculiar to all the TV channels, you should seek the service of a professional.

Update the app

If you are watching the golf channel from the app, you could be experiencing the issue when the app is outdated. All you need to do is to close the app, search for the updated version of the app, download, and install it.

There are instances when you will have to reboot your device before you open the app. If possible, you should switch to another source of internet connection. You can also switch to the golf channel web version when there is an issue with the app.

No commentary

It is both educating and entertaining when you listen to commentary while watching live activities on the golf channel.

It then becomes frustrating when you watch live action on the golf channel and you are unable to hear the commentary. There are some instances where you will hear noises from the background.

While this is an uncommon issue, it could happen when you fail with the proper settings of the audio. This doesn’t mean the general audio settings of your TV or the device where you are watching the golf channel from. Here are some of what could be done to fix the issue.

Set commentary to the English language

The truth is that commentary is different from the cheers and the noise you hear from the background. There are different languages for commentary on golf channels and you can opt for any.

You could be having an audio issue when you opt for the wrong channel, especially the one that is not available in your country.

For instance, if you are watching a golf channel in the United States of America and you set your commentary language to Spanish, it is likely you will hear background noise and you won’t hear the commentary.

So, if you are experiencing this issue, you should check the comment section of the golf channel on your device and then set it to the English language.

Ask for assistance

If you have tried the step highlighted above and the issue is not resolved, you should consider the customer support team of your cable provider. The team will provide you with further guidance on how you can fix the issue. Also, you can hire the service of any professional technician in your vicinity.

Difficulty to hear audio

You need more than quality visuals for you to maximally enjoy the golf channel. While golf channel promises you both quality audio and visuals from any medium where you are watching, there are times you could be experiencing issues with the audio. In this instance, you could hear sounds from the channel but it isn’t audible as they should be.

You cannot be precise about what is responsible for the issue. Some of the factors that could be responsible for the issue are the nature of the content you are watching, especially when it is not a live-action, your device and the settings, your internet connection, and many others. The following are some of the things you can do to fix the issue.

Try other channels

Since many factors could cause the issue, the first step you should follow when you want to fix the issue is to try other channels. If other channels sound properly, that means there is an issue with the golf channel. You can then know your next line of action.

Increase the volume of your device

You should not panic when the audio from the golf channel is not audible. You can fix the issue by increasing the volume of your device. If this does not fix the issue, you can connect speakers to your device. You should also check if your device is not muted.

Change the source of the internet

You will likely experience more than inaudible audio when the internet connection of your device is poor. It is strongly recommended that you connect to another Wi-Fi or switch to mobile data if you are watching from your mobile device.

Restart the app

If you are watching from the app and you are convinced that the internet connection is strong, you should restart the app. You can start by closing the app, then rebooting your device before you open the app again. Alternatively, if you are watching via the web version, you should refresh your browser or try another browser.

Contact the support team

If none of the steps highlighted could fix the issue, it is recommended that you contact the customer support team of your cable provider.

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Troubleshooting issues with the golf channel

There are some common issues you can experience while watching the golf channel. When any of these issues occur, you can fix them with ease without the help of the support team. Below is one of the popular issues and how it can be resolved.

Black screen

What you should get when you switch to a golf channel whether on your TV or other sources is quality visuals accompanied by audible sound, provided you have done the right thing.

However, there are times when you launch the golf channel and what you will get is a black screen or error message, especially when you are watching via the web or the app. This issue is caused when the internet connection is poor, especially when you attempt to watch from the web or app version.

In this instance, you will likely think that there is an issue with the screen of your device. You should first go to the homepage or open another app.

If the issue is peculiar to the golf channel, you can fix this issue by refreshing the browser if you are watching from the web version. You can also upgrade your browser or switch to another one if you have any on your device. You can also update your app and ensure that your device is connected to the internet.


If you are experiencing audio issues on the golf channel, you are at the right place. This article contains the steps you can follow to fix them. We hope you will find them helpful. 

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