ESPN Audio Problems (SOLVED)

Have you ever been frustrated when you are enjoying your favorite game on ESPN? While the channel remains one of the favorites of people, especially sports lovers, many people have, however, experienced unwanted situations when they are watching their favorite games and players on ESPN. In some instances, the channel will have audio issues, either partial or total.

In this instance, you will not be able to hear the commentary or opinions from the players. This article will focus on some of the causes of audio problems on ESPN and how they could be resolved. Keep reading for more information.

ESPN Audio Problems

Audio problems with ESPN are usually associated with the channel, the device, and the way you set it. What makes it frustrating is that many people do not know the likely reasons for the issue and how they can resolve it. If you are one of these people, this article covers you. The following are the likely causes of audio issues on ESPN and how they could be resolved.

The inability of audio to sync with the video 

Lack of sync of audio and video on ESPN arises when you hear the sound before the real action takes place or you hear the sound of the action a few seconds after the action.

This type of issue usually stresses viewers because they have to pay extra attention before they can associate both sound and video and this could be frustrating. In most cases, the network-related problem is usually responsible for this issue.

For instance, when the network is weak or you have other intensive network activities going on from the same network connection.

When you are downloading a heavy file, sharing large files, playing online games, and doing other activities that require the concentration of network, your ESPN will experience a weak network and that will cause both audio and video from the channel to go out of sync. The following are some of the things you can do to fix the problem.

Disengage other activities

If you want the issue to stop, you have to prioritize your activities. You should first inspect the other activities you are doing on the network connection while you are watching the channel. If some of the activities can be postponed until you have finished watching your favorite game, you should go ahead.

Restart the device

If you have tried the step highlighted above and the problem persists, you have to restart the device. The way you will restart the device depends on the type of device you are watching the channel from. If it is on your mobile device or TV, just follow the instruction in the manual.

Contact ESPN customer care

Any of the steps highlighted above is enough to troubleshoot the issue, you can also contact the customer care support of ESPN if the problem persists. You can either call the agent or chat with the team online.

Loss of sound

This is another dimension of audio problems with the ESPN channel. Unlike when there is audio and it is unable to sync with the video, this problem implies a total loss, partial, or muting of the sound. While viewers might not know the reason for this, ESPN could deliberately cause poor audio through the sensor.

This is done so that ESPN would honor its digital right, which might not be applicable on other TV networks. In most cases, this issue will occur at intervals and self-heal after a few seconds.

This doesn’t mean that there is an issue with the channel or your device. It, however, doesn’t mean that it is not frustrating. The following is what you can do to resolve the problem.

Speak with the customer care

If you are experiencing occasional muting and loss of audio, it is unlikely that you can do anything from your end to fix the issue. While you might be disturbed, it is recommended that you contact the ESPN customer care agent.

Corrupt software

You can view ESPN from any compatible device; TV, mobile device, and many more. The implication of this is that any issue, whether hardware or software issue with the device will affect the effectiveness of ESPN, including audio production from the channel.

In a situation where the device you launch the ESPN channel from has corrupted firmware, outdated software, and a corrupt operating system, you will likely experience poor audio. This could either lead to a total or partial loss of the audio. The following are some of the things you can do to resolve this type of problem.

Update the device

Apart from having ESPN audio issues, it is likely you experience other issues from the device, especially when there is a software issue.

The best thing you can do to fix the issue is to update the firmware of the device. The way you will do this depends on the type of device and the setup. You can check the manual of the device for more information on how to update the firmware.

Restart the device

The device should restart itself automatically after updating but this might not be the same with your device. If possible, you should restart it immediately after updating it, provided it fails to restart automatically.

Incorrect audio setting

There are times when the audio problem might not emanate from the channel or the device. It could be the way you have set up the audio of the channel.

In this instance, you might ignorantly attempt to fix the issue from the wrong source. This problem is usually experienced by people who are setting up the channel for the first time or those who have little children that can alter the settings of their devices at home.

For instance, it is logical that you will experience audio issues when the volume of the channel and the device has been reduced to the last level.

Viewers can also experience this issue when they choose from external sources such as speakers and there is a breach in the connection. Here are some of what you can do to fix the problem.

Inspect your connection

If you have selected an external audio source for your ESPN channel, you have to inspect the attached speaker for you to be sure that they are in good condition.

You should check the connection, the state of the speakers, and other likely factors that could cause the issue. You should also attempt to increase the volume of the speakers and the channel.

Seek help

If you have attempted to fix the issue yourself and the problem persists, you should seek help from professionals or technicians in your neighborhood. You can also contact the ESPN customer service agent.

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ESPN server

ESPN viewers could generally experience an audio issue, low video quality, and many other issues when the ESPN server is down.

The truth is you might not be the only one experiencing an audio issue. While this is an occasional occurrence, it can also be frustrating, especially when the issue arises when you are watching your favorite game or player. The following are some of the things you can do to fix the issue.

Try other channels

You cannot be convinced that the ESPN server is down until you do another thing from the device. You can try another channel or perform other functions from the device. If it functions the way it ought to, it is likely the issue was caused by the ESPN server.

Contact the customer agent

If you are convinced that the audio issue was caused by the ESPN server, you can contact the customer agent for clarification, the potential time of when the issue will be resolved, or any other thing you can do to resolve the issue.

How to troubleshoot ESPN issues

Some of the common causes of ESPN audio problems have been highlighted earlier. It, however, doesn’t mean that you cannot experience other issues with the channel. The following are some of what you can do to fix issues with the ESPN channel.


You should not conclude that you are experiencing issues with the ESPN channel on your device until you double-check and you are convinced.

Try to switch to another channel and see if it doesn’t have the issue you are experiencing with ESPN. If it doesn’t, it means ESPN has issues but if it does, it means there is an issue with the device or the connection.

Reinstall the app

You can simply fix some of the issues with ESPN on your device by uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. Nevertheless, make sure you download the app from the right source.

Get a reliable internet connection

A weak internet connection could cause many issues on the ESPN channel. Once you notice that the network is weak and you are experiencing issues on the channel, you should get a reliable network immediately or you refresh the network connection.


ESPN is still one of the favorite channels of many people. Though audio and many other issues could be frustrating, we hope some of the steps that have been highlighted in this guide are helpful enough to troubleshoot the issue. 

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