Can You Use Sonos Sub Without Player?

Sonos speakers are a great addition to every home. There are different functions you can perform on it. In addition, Sonos speakers can work together and they can also work independently. However, many users of Sonos speakers do ask if Sonos sub can work without a player. Read on for more information in this guide. 

Well, it is impossible to use Sonos sub without a player. You can either pair it with other Sonos speakers, Sonos Connect Amp, or a working stereo. This guide will provide you with information on how you can connect and pair Sonos sub with other Sonos speakers. 

Can I use Sonos sub alone? 

Unlike other Sonos speakers that can be used independently, the Sonos sub cannot be used alone. You have to pair it with other speakers before it can function. An attempt to use the Sonos sub alone will render the Sonos sub redundant and you will not enjoy the sound quality that is synonymous with Sonos speakers.

How can I add Sonos sub to other Sonos speakers? 

It has been stated earlier in this guide that the Sonos sub cannot work without other Sonos speakers. Highlighted below are the steps you should take when you want to connect your Sonos sub to other Sonos speakers. 

  1. Location: Before you start the process of pairing your Sonos sub to other Sonos speakers, you should first place it in the desired location. However, make sure one side of the Sonos sub is free from obstruction. For instance, if you are placing the sub vertically, the front should not be obstructed. If you are placing the sub horizontally, the top should not be obstructed. 
  2. Open the Sonos app: This is where the real connection should happen. Open the app and login into your account. 
  3. Go to setting: Once you are logged in, you should navigate to the setting tab and make a tap on the system. This will open another page where you will tap on products. Afterward, you should tap on the room, where you would like to add the sub. 

How can I change the room of Sonos sub? 

You might not be interested in using the Sonos sub in a particular room due to some reasons. In such a situation, you will have to remove the Sonos sub from the initial room and add it into a new room. Highlighted below are the steps you can follow when you want to change the room for your Sonos sub. 

  1. Login to your Sonos app: You will have to log in to your account on the Sonos sub before you can remove the sub from a room. 
  2. Go to setting: Just like the way you add the Sonos sub to other Sonos speakers, you should navigate to settings and tap on the system. This will take you to the products page and you should tap on the room you want to remove the sub from. 
  3. Room options: Once you remove the sub from a particular room, you will have two options on what to do with the sub. You can either add the sub into another room or you click on don’t use sub. The sub will appear under the system tab as an unused sub. 

How can I troubleshoot the Sonos sub when it is not connecting? 

The Sonos sub should connect to other Sonos speakers effortlessly within seconds. However, you might be in a situation where you find it difficult to connect the Sonos sub with the Sonos app and other Sonos speakers.

You can fix this problem easily within a few minutes. Highlighted below are some of the ways you can troubleshoot the Sonos sub when it is not connecting. You can, however, tap on the “unable to connect” icon on the Sonos app and see if it will work. 

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Check power supply

Sonos speaker will not connect unless it is plugged into a power outlet. When you are finding it difficult to connect Sonos sub, you should check the power connection.

Check if the sub is plugged tightly into the wall outlet and check it from the end of the Sonos sub also. If the sub is rightly connected to the power source, the LED light should show a solid white light.  

Check the Reuter

You can unplug the Reuter and plug it in again. Give it a few minutes after you unplug it before you plug it in again. 

Check the Wi-Fi

Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your streaming device and confirm if it is connected to the same Wi-Fi. Your Sonos sub has likely been connected to another Wi-Fi network. When the Sonos sub is connected to another network, it might not work. 

Reconnect the sub

You will likely have to reconnect your Sonos sub to the Reuter again after you have unplugged and plugged the Reuter again. 

Turn off VPN

If you have a VPN on your device, it might prevent the Sonos sub from connecting to the streaming device. You can check your device for a possible VPN connection. Turn off the VPN and check if your Sonos sub will connect back to the device. 

Check Ethernet cable

If your Sonos is wired to the Reuter through Ethernet, you should check both ends of the cable and ensure they are tightly fixed. In addition, you can change the port of the Ethernet and see if the sub will connect. 

Contact an agent

If you have tried every step highlighted above and the problem persists, you should contact Sonos accredited agent close to you. It might likely be a technical problem that you cannot handle yourself. 

Why do I need Sonos sub? 

Having a Sonos sub is an upgrade on the existing Sonos speakers you have at home. It will enhance sound production and achieve more bass.

Although Sonos speakers have a reasonable bass, Sonos sub will add more quality to the bass you hear. Highlighted below are some of the reasons why Sonos sub is a good addition to your sound system. 

  1. Used in pairs: You cannot use the Sonos sub in isolation. When you use it with other Sonos speakers, it adds extra bass to the sound production. Also, the Sonos sub will complement the production from other Sonos speakers.  
  2. Easy to set up: Setting the Sonos sub is very easy. You can place it vertically or horizontally. With a simple tap on the Sonos app, you can add the Sonos Sub to your sound system. 
  3. Improved sound quality: With Sonos sub, the sound you hear from your sound system will improve with the touch of quality bass. The Sonos sub will produce the best bass tone and you will feel the difference. 

Effects of using the Sonos sub alone

It has been stated earlier in this guide that you should not use the Sonos sub alone. The Sonos sub might not get damaged when you use it alone but there will be a side effect. Highlighted below are some of the things that could happen when you decide to use the Sonos sub alone. 

  1. Poor sound quality: The Sonos sub is designed for quality base sound. When you decide to use it alone, the base will not be enough to complement other sounds that are missing. Hence, you might not enjoy the sound production of the Sonos sub. 
  2. Risk of getting damaged: When you use the Sonos sub alone, the sound production will overwhelm the Sonos sub. When this happens, the Sonos sub is at the risk of getting damaged. 
  3. Uncertainty: You will be in constant fear when you use the Sonos sub alone, you will be in perpetual fear because you might not know what will happen to the Sonos Sub. 
  4. Loss of warranty: Sonos sub comes with a warranty. However, you must comply with the manufacturer’s recommended mode of usage. If the Sonos sub could get damaged when you use it alone, the manufacturer might deny your warranty claim if the Sonos sub got damaged when you use it alone. 

Maintenance tips for Sonos sub

The Sonos Sub is a quality product that would last for many years if maintained properly. Here is a list of some tips that you should follow to ensure regular maintenance of the Sonos sub. 

  1. Avoid obstruction: When you are placing the Sonos sub in your desired location, make sure there is no obstruction on the other side of the sub. If you place it vertically or horizontally, remove every item that could serve as an obstruction on the side that is open. 
  2. Clean regularly: There will likely be dust settlement on the speaker. When this happens, make sure you clean the sub. 
  3. Restrict access: In a situation where you have little children at home, it is likely they play with anything their hand touches. You should restrict their movement towards where you place the speaker or place the speaker in a location where they cannot easily have access to the sub.  

Can You Use Sonos Sub Without Player – Conclusion

The Sonos sub is designed to work with other Sonos speakers before it functions optimally. When you use it with other speakers, you will enjoy the quality of sound production. 

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