Can You Use Sonos On 4G?

Having a Sonos speaker gives you access to many online streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Amazon, Google music, etc. Nevertheless, you will need either Wi-Fi or Ethernet before the Sonos speaker can work optimally. However, many users of Sonos are curious if the Sonos speaker can work with a 4G connection. 

Technically, the Sonos speaker can work with 4G but it will require you to make some modifications before it will work.

If you want to set up your Sonos speaker to work with a 4G connection, you will need two mobile devices to do it. Read on for more information on how you can set up a Sonos speaker to work with a 4G connection.  

How can I set up my Sonos speaker to work with 4G? 

The Sonos speaker is designed to work with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. Setting it up to work with a 4G network means there will be a slight adjustment to its normal setup. Highlighted below are the steps you can take when you want to connect the Sonos speaker to a 4G network. 

Plug your speaker

If you use the Sonos speaker that cannot work without a power supply, you will have to plug it into a power outlet. However, if your Sonos speaker can work without a power source, you are good to go. Nevertheless, make sure the Sonos speaker is plugged directly into a wall outlet

Install the app

You should install the Sonos app on one of the two devices if you do not have the app before. Nevertheless, if you have the Sonos app on one of the devices, you should be prepared to log in.  

Setup the hotspot

You will set up the hotspot connection on the other mobile device. If you don’t know how to set up a hotspot on your mobile device, you can check your phone’s manual.  

Factory setup

You will do this on the Sonos speaker. Just tap the reset button and it will go back to factory setup.  

Connect the two mobile devices

You should tether the mobile devices where you have installed the Sonos app to the device where you have turned on the hotspot.

All you need to do is to turn on the Wi-Fi on the mobile device where you have the Sonos app, search for a nearby hotspot, and then connect with the other device. 

Setup new Sonos system

Once the second mobile device is connected to the hotspot, you should open the app and set up a new Sonos system. Make sure you follow the on-screen instructions promptly. 

Enjoy Sonos speaker

Once you have done the steps highlighted above, you can then enjoy all the features of Sonos speakers with a 4G network. However, you will need to enable the “on the device” feature on the Sonos app. 

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Can I use the Sonos speaker without a Wi-Fi network? 

Though the older Sonos speakers might not work without a Wi-Fi connection, newer Sonos speakers, such as Sonos play 5 can work without a Wi-Fi connection.

The newer brands of Sonos speakers have an Autoplay feature. This feature enables the Sonos speaker to work without a Wi-Fi connection. Read on for how you can enable the Autoplay feature on the Sonos speaker. 

  1. Go to settings: The Sonos app is important for everything you want to do with the Sonos speaker. Just navigate to the setting on the app and follow the steps that follow.  
  2. Connect the speaker to a device: A 3.55mm aux cable is all you need to do this. Just connect one end of the cable to the streaming device and the other end to the Sonos speaker. 
  3. Room settings: Once the cable has connected the Sonos speaker to the device, you should see the room settings. Just click on it once it appears. Once it opens, you should click on line-in room settings. 
  4. Set to Autoplay: After you have clicked on line-in room settings, you will be able to set it on Autoplay. You will then decide which of the locations you want the speaker to play without a Wi-Fi connection. 

Effects of using the Sonos speakers without a Wi-Fi connection 

Sonos speakers are designed to work with Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections. Nevertheless, the latest Sonos speakers can work without a Wi-Fi connection.

This, will, however, affect its functions. Highlighted below are some of the effects of using a Sonos speaker without a Wi-Fi connection. Before, you do this, you should first enable the Autoplay feature on the speaker. 

  1. Inability to control the speaker: When you use the Sonos speaker without a Wi-Fi connection, you will be unable to control the speaker via the Sonos app. You will have to move close to the speaker and press a button on it before you perform any function. 
  2. Denied access: There are many things you can do on the Sonos app. The Sonos app could be used as a remote for the speaker, it could be used to access countless numbers of music on different streaming platforms, and many more. Once you are using the Sonos speaker without a Wi-Fi connection, you will be restricted to the Sonos app. 
  3. Limited functions: When the Sonos speaker is connected to Wi-Fi, you have access to stream endless music, listen to online radio, and podcasts. However, once the speaker is not connected to Wi-Fi, you might not have access to do these things again. 

How can I connect Sonos speaker to Wi-Fi? 

Apart from the latest Sonos speakers, older Sonos speakers cannot work without Wi-Fi. The fun starts immediately you connect the speaker to Wi-Fi. Read on for more information on the steps you can take when you want to connect Sonos speaker to Wi-Fi. 


Place the Sonos speaker in a location where it can easily connect to your Wi-Fi. The distance between the Sonos speaker and the streaming device should not exceed 90 feet. In addition, for the safety of the Sonos speaker, do not place it in a location where little children or pets can easily have access to it. They will likely damage it. 

Plug into a power outlet

You should connect the Sonos speaker into a power outlet because most Sonos speakers will not work without power. Also, make sure the Sonos speaker is plugged directly into a wall outlet. Once the Sonos speaker is rightly plugged into a power outlet, it will start flashing green light. 

Open Sonos app

It is expected that you have the Sonos app on your device before you start the connection process. If you do not have the app on your device, you can download it on Apple and Google store. 


Once the Sonos app is opened on your device, you should do the setup. You can log in with a previous account if you have any or create a new account if you are connecting the Sonos speaker for the first time.

Once you are logged in, you should tap on next. Nevertheless, before you click on next, you should check if your Sonos speaker is powered on.

If the Sonos speaker is powered on, the Sonos app will quickly search for any available speaker. It should identify your speaker within a few seconds. You can then link with it and configure the speaker for use. 

Connect the speaker

Open the Sonos app and click on wireless setup. The app will demand your Wi-Fi password. A message will pop up notifying you that the speaker has been connected to your Wi-Fi network. 

What can I do if I don’t have a strong Wi-Fi connection? 

The Sonos speaker needs a strong Wi-Fi connection before it works. Nevertheless, when you are in a situation where you do not have a strong Wi-Fi connection, you can make use of Ethernet. It is already built into the Sonos speaker. This will enable you to connect the Sonos speaker through a dedicated cable. 

You don’t have to panic when you want to set up the Ethernet. It is the same process with the Wi-Fi setup. All you need to do when you want to use Ethernet is to login to your account on the Sonos app, then click on boost setup instead of settings. 

Is there a subscription for Sonos speakers? 

Sonos speakers work with your favorite streaming platforms, such as Amazon, Spotify, etc. You can also listen to Online radios and podcasts once you are connected to the streaming device.

On Sonos speakers, you can enjoy all these features for free. However, be reminded that you will have to pay for a subscription before you listen to music on your favorite streaming platforms. Do not think you will use Spotify and Amazon free on Sonos speaker. 

Can You Use Sonos On 4G – Conclusion

It is technically possible to use the Sonos speaker with a 4G connection but it might be stressful. You can follow the steps highlighted in this guide when you want to set up your Sonos speaker to work with a 4G connection. 

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