Why Do My Bose Headphones Keep Clicking?

Why do my bose headphones keep clicking

Bose headphone is a quality product with longer battery life. It has active noise cancelling attribute which is a desire of every user. This attribute enhances users’ experience. However, many users complain at times that they hear clicking noise from the headphone. It is always disturbing when you hear the clicking noise So, Why Do … Read more

Can You Put Bose Speakers In Any Car?

Can you put bose speakers in any car

Bose is known for producing quality products, such as speakers, equalizers, headphones, etc. The quality of sound produced by Bose speakers cannot be compared with what you get from other speakers. Many users are always curious if they can also enjoy quality sound in their car. Therefore, they are usually curious if they can install … Read more

Can You Use Sonos Sub Without Player?

Can you use sonos sub without player

Sonos speakers are a great addition to every home. There are different functions you can perform on it. In addition, Sonos speakers can work together and they can also work independently. However, many users of Sonos speakers do ask if Sonos sub can work without a player. Read on for more information in this guide.  … Read more

Can You Use Sonos On 4G?

Can you use sonos on 4G

Having a Sonos speaker gives you access to many online streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Amazon, Google music, etc. Nevertheless, you will need either Wi-Fi or Ethernet before the Sonos speaker can work optimally. However, many users of Sonos are curious if the Sonos speaker can work with a 4G connection.  Technically, the Sonos speaker … Read more