Sonos VPN Problems (SOLVED)

Sonos VPN Problems

Sonos speakers are one of the best you can buy on the market. They are compatible with a lot of streaming channels such as Amazon, Google Music, Spotify, and many more. However, you need to connect the speaker to the streaming device through Wi-Fi or other local networks. Though you should not have issues with … Read more

ESPN Audio Problems (SOLVED)

ESPN Audio Problems

Have you ever been frustrated when you are enjoying your favorite game on ESPN? While the channel remains one of the favorites of people, especially sports lovers, many people have, however, experienced unwanted situations when they are watching their favorite games and players on ESPN. In some instances, the channel will have audio issues, either … Read more

Anchor Audio Problems (Solved)

Anchor Audio Problems

While it might seem easy to operate any gadget or appliance, especially when you have familiarised yourself with the manual, it might still be difficult for you to know the causes of some issues when it happens and what you can do to troubleshoot. Do you have issues knowing the causes of audio problems with … Read more

Sonos Unable To Play Access Denied (Solved)

Sonos Unable To Play Access Denied

Getting entertained has become easier with a lot of gadgets and devices on the market. The way each gadget operates differs but one thing is certain, you will get the maximum entertainment you seek. One of the most popular entertaining gadgets is the Sonos speakers. They are durable, easy to operate, and have a lot … Read more

Beats Solo Pro Static Noise (Causes & Possible Fix)

Beats Solo Pro Static Noise

One of the worrisome things that could happen to any headphone user is getting disrupted when relaxing and enjoying the comfort of their headphones. It is, however, not a new thing that there are times headphone users do get disturbing noises when using the headset. Though some of the sound produced by the headset is … Read more